Have You Ever Considered...?

WAMMS STEPs FORward to ask the question:  "Have You ever considered...that EVERY pair of SHOES...tells a Story?"   

You are invited to pause to watch this special WAMMS Video...which asks that question, too.

WAMMS Action Network Direct/WAND


WAMMS Flip-Flop Adventure

Campaign:              May & June

WAMMS Request:  New Flip-Flops

Intention:  Protect Folks for the heat of the pavement during Summer season & for use as Shower Shoes, too!

Confirmed WFFA Participants:

Unity of Mesa

Creative Living Fellowship

Rollins & Peterson Orthodontics

Burlington Presbyterian Church, NJ



Campaign:               Pre-Super Bowl

WAMMS Request:  Soup Products

Intention:  In the shadow of the Super Bowl...there are many people without food.  Provide a 'warm' meal to Folks as the annual Super Bowl is played.


WAMMS Dignity Days

Campaign:               July-August

WAMMS Request:  Bottled Water

Intention:  With the generous donation of  to WAMMS as a BOMBAS Giving Partner, it is a privilege to offer SOCKS & a bottle of water...during this campaign.

(*) WAMMS "dedicated" Fundraisers


WAMMS The Spirit of Christmas

Campaign:      4 weeks before Christmas

WAMMS Invites:  $10dollar donation

Intention:  WAMMS invites the sharing of $10dollars to purchase Holiday Poinsettias.  As a result, this special 'gift' is shared with Folks in Local Assisted Living Locations...to offer 'The Spirit of Christmas.


WAMMS The Gift of the Lilies

Campaign:      2weeks before Easter

WAMMS Invites:  $10dollar donation


tention:  WAMMS invites the sharing of $10dollars to purchase of Easter Lilies.  As a result, this special 'gift' is shared with Folks in Local Assisted Living Locations...to offer 'The Gift of the Lilies'


Other WAMMS 'Magic' WAND Activity

Your particiaption is ALWAYS welcomed & apprecated, for sure.

SPECIAL NOTE:  All funds generated through these 'Dedicated' Fundraising Campaigns...are utilized for the individual 'Campaign' & not used for WAMMS General purposes.  


WAMMS 'Wand' of Sharing


Throughout the year, it is a great privilege for WAMMS to create special 'Campaigns' which address the needs of Our Homeless Neighbors...Locally & to wave a 'MAGIC'Wand of Sharing...during this time 

Each campaign is a 'Dedicated' Fundraiser with all funds being utilized for the purchase of said item      

 &/or to facilitate the campaign.  

WAMMS invites YOU to STEP FORward to participate & share.  

Contact WAMMSNow:  480-373-5930

STEP FORward with WAMMS/WAND Today!