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Keep WAMMS Movin' across America...

Keep WAMMS Movin'...


WAMMS welcomes the opportunity

 to visit Your Town & to conduct a 

WAMMS Community SHOEDrive.

Ask Us How You may participate!



WAA: Dahlonega, GA

Honoring PEACE PILGRIM as the First Woman to Thru-Hike the Appalachian Trail, WAMMS returns to DAHLONEGA  (September)  to welcome the sharing of 'gently-loved' SHOES & shares them LOCALLY.  


WAA: Alexandria, VA

Hosted by the Old Town/Hampton Inn, WAMMS returns to the Old Town Alexandria Farmers Market (November) to conduct a WAMMS Community SHOEDRive & then shares the 'gently-loved' SHOES with Local agancies & organizations.


WAA: Burlington County, NJ

Hosted by WAMMS dear Friends, Helen & Johnny Holmes, WAMMS returns to a joyous COLLABORATION with the Presbyterian Church of Burlington & local venues, too.  

Our Path Continues...


WAA: Egg Harbor City, NJ

Hosted by WAMMS dear Friend, Helene Young, WAMMS returns to CELEBRATE the life & works of PEACE PILGRIM.

Along the 'Path, WAMMS welcomes the sharing of 'gently-loved' SHOES which are then distributed to Atlantic County organizations.


WAA: Irvington, NJ

What a great privilege it is to return to My 'HomeTown' of IRVINGTON...with this special 'Mission' of the SOLE.  

It continues to be a pleasure to gather with Folks & to have an opportunity to SERVE the Community...in Our 'simple, yet, vital way.  


WAA: Nipomo, CA

Hosted by My dear Friend, Donna Johnson, a visit to Central Coast California is always such a 'gift'.

In this case, having a 'simple' way to SERVE the Community...is an added blessing, for sure

Our Path Continues...


WAA: Farmington, NM

Hosted by:  Ginny Jones & Family

WAMMS is blessed by the COLLABORATION of the Fellowship of Spirit Congregation & an opportunity to visit...to learn...to share with this charming New Mexico community.


WAA: Cleveland OH

Hosts:  Alicia & Joseph Warren

In COLLABORATION with the Living Truth Center for Better Living in East Cleveland, OH., WAMMS delights in the opportunity to bring a WAMMS Community SHOEDrive to town & to share 'gently-loved' SHOES with local organizations & agencies.


WAA: Akron, OH

Hosts:  Michael & Diana Mangus

A delightful visit to Summit Spiritual Center, encourages the sharing of 'gently-loved' SHOES & an opportunity to distribute Locally...to special organizations & agencies.  

Our Path Continues...


WAA: Denver, CO

Traveling to Denver to COLLABORATE with the late Gerrie Magnie, WAMMS shared the 'gently-loved' SHOES.. throughout the community following a special PEACE WALK Celebration.


WAA: Chicago, IL

Host:  Rev. Celeste Frazier

During a visit to a Women's Conference in Chicago, WAMMS was BLESSED by the sharing of Rev. Celeste's generous congregation.  We shared LOCALLY with special agencies & organizations.  


WAA: Harpers Ferry, WV

Where will WAMMS go next?


Where will WAMMS go next?

WALK a MILE in MY SHOES~~~on the Path to PEACE!!!  is BLESSED to STEP FORward to bring a WAMMS Community SHOEDrive to Your HomeTown.

Do STEP FORward to learn of the details.  

Contact WAMMSNow:  480-373-593

Adopt a WAMMS Segment

Adopt a WAMMS Across AMERICA Segment


"WALK a MILE in MY SHOES~~~on the Path to PEACE!!!" welcomes Your invitation to SERVE Your Community.

Contact WAMMSNow...to learn the details.  480-373-5930